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Eventย  Solutions



Eventย  Solutions



2023 Euro Tour

April30 To May01

Tuning And Fashion – Milan, Italy

May 07

Lowrider Super Show, Paris France

May 18 to 21

Tuning World, Bodensee Germany

June 30 to July2

American Dreamcars, Cesena, Italy

July 08 to 09

Racewars Land, Treviso, Italy

August 26 to 27

Seventhird Expo, Gatteo Mare, Italy


Full support in creation of unforgettable events. Free consultation to fully understand customer’s needs and develop the best cost effective solution.

Organization and planning of any type of event. Product launch, design and management of audio, video and lighting systems. Dj Set, Animators, Dancers, Hostesses, Strippers. Strategic analysis and marketing, off-line and online planning. Brand identity, full image restyling from logo to merchandising. Brochure, flyer and billboard design and print, custom merchandise. Mobile Truck Promotions / advertising. Traditional Media: Radio, TV and local newspapers. Social Media and online business presence. Production and post-production of Advertising spots, Business video realization, Show Cars and American Custom Cars.


Sale, hire and installation of audio, video, event lights equipment of all kinds. Ledwall of various resolutions and shapes. Special effects for Stage or disco: CO2, Flames Machine, Pyrotechnics, Led Costume Tensile structures, staircases and aluminum structures, pedestals, furnishings and scenographies. Modular pedestals and LED dance floor. Electrogen groups.

Event Domes

Geodesic Event Dome Structures

The Dome is a patented geodetic structure in the distant 1954 by Buckminster Fuller. His work was based on the study of nature to recreate efficient spaces and innovative design. So these unique structures were born today, which have been replicated in habitats, exhibitions, and civil construction. Their construction is based on the extension of some basic principles of simple solids, such as tetrahedron, octahedron, and solids with a number of major faces that may be considered approximation of the sphere. The structures thus conceived are extremely light and stable.

The true innovation of these geodesic structures is the innovative, lightweight and rugged fabric covering fabric that combines a perfect waterproofness with high sunlight transparency. Telescopic faces allow digital night projection screening to create a unique and secure impacts of your event.

Show Cars

American Custom Show Cars

Do you want to experience a unique moment in an exclusive way? Our cars have made history in the automotive industry and in the cinema … Prepare to get rid of the unmistakable charm of our Custom Cars! Let us open it from our elegant drivers and dive into a world where you find everything you can not imagine to pass moments from V.I.P.!

Led Screens

Club & Advertising Led Screens

Thanks to years of experience we have brought to a new level the classic outdoor led screen. In fact, the front-line LED display screens are characterized by completely frontal maintenance and a number of other innovations that redefine the genre. These features, combined together, allow a range of applications that are unthinkable before. For example, it can be fixed directly to the wall, with a unique simplicity for this range of products, thanks to a modular and compact support structure designed by us.

Lighting Effects

Stage & Club Lighting Effects

We always try to be competitive both as resellers and as online distributors, we carefully choose the various companies to work with, thus offering better wholesale prices for both private and business. To find the right equipment that can be tailored to your needs, you just do not have to look at the various occasions of light effects that are found online, but you need to understand if you need a professional and reliable product then large that Provides a number of complementary specifications such as the presence of DMX outputs and the use of dedicated control units, or Small or Medium Disco Lights, equipped with remote remote controls, which are widely used for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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